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Data center interconnection equipment-ngod-8000p1
  • Data center interconnection equipment-ngod-8000p1
Data center interconnection equipment-ngod-8000p1

Ngod-8000p1 is an integrated wavelength division transmission equipment specially built for the interconnection of data centers. It supports 48 channels of service access, and the maximum single fiber supports 1.2t transmission capacity. It has the advantages of large capacity, low energy consumption, low delay and easy operation and maintenance. It provides a high-quality solution to solve the shortage of optical fiber resources, meets the needs of customers for large capacity and long-distance transmission, and provides a reliable platform for multi service operation and future network upgrading and expansion.



Product features:

·High integration, height only 1U, forward air and rear air outlet design, matching the rack requirements of data center machine room

·AC / DC power supply, dual power supply configuration, support hot plug, support 1 1 hot backup and load sharing

·It supports up to 48 channels of service transmission. The single fiber can support 1.2t (48 * 25g) transmission capacity at most. The number of service interfaces can be flexibly customized

·It supports mixed transmission of multiple service types / rates, including Fe / Ge / 10GE / 25ge, STM-1 / 4 / 16 / 64, FC 8g / 16g / 32g and other service types. The ports are completely physically isolated and the services are transparently transmitted

·Support line side 1 1 protection and automatic selection of working route

·The device supports in band and out band management channels and supports SNMP based network management platform

·Equipment power on configuration free, plug and play

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