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Xunte GPS Beidou intelligent distribution system products - slave
  • Xunte GPS Beidou intelligent distribution system products - slave
Xunte GPS Beidou intelligent distribution system products - slave
GSD-S208 (8 ports) / GSD-S212 (12 ports) / GSD-S216 (16 ports) (slave)

Support dual antenna input; 8 / 12 / 16 BBU capacity; Take power from the BBU end, without additional power supply; Dry node alarm output; Low power consumption; High reliability;



Application scenario of GPS Beidou intelligent distribution system

LGPS / BeiDou dual antenna access

L the feeder distance between the antenna and the host can support 200m and above

L) the difference in the number of BBU search satellites in the same GPS / BeiDou shunt system is less than 2

L antenna supports intelligent selection and manual switching

L clear LED display screen, real-time display of the current positioning status of the main and standby antennas, longitude and latitude, altitude information, and number of satellite searches

L it can display whether the working link of the main and standby antennas is normal and the alarm information

L indicator lights of different colors to display the status of antenna, BBU access, power supply, etc

L8 ~ 16 ports available

L any port supports the slave, 8-port master and 8-port slave can support 64 BBus

L dual power supply, dual amplification module, dual backup of slave input signal, to maximize business security

L if the host fails to power down, the service can be ensured by power supply from the slave

Lweb network management adopts graphical interface to display the equipment network topology

L) equipment status, data configuration and alarm information can be queried

L store and classify the alarm information of the last month, and have the function of looking back

L) it can be connected to its own network management through wired transmission, and can be connected to the network management of the main equipment manufacturer through dry contact

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