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5g forward semi active WDM system equipment
  • 5g forward semi active WDM system equipment
5g forward semi active WDM system equipment
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The market-oriented 5g forward semi-active WDM system equipment of Xunte communication is mainly used to solve the problems of lack of fiber-optic cable transmission resources and fault network management between du-aau / bbu-rru in the c-ran architecture. The 5g forward semi-active WDM system equipment has flexible and low-cost deployment with passive wavelength division reserved at the far end, and the local end wavelength division can be managed by active equipment deployment. The Xunte OMC control system can provide low-cost OAM management for the forward semi-active network, monitor, protect and manage the services, and realize the resource configuration, fault management, performance management, alarm management and site topology management of the forward network. It is the most effective way to build the services that need to be guaranteed in the 5g forward transmission.



The 5g forward semi-active wavelength division multiplexing scheme has high reliability, small equipment volume, easy installation and use, and is applicable to the following scenarios:

1. When the optical cable in the comprehensive service access area is tight, the base station needs to connect the AAU through multiple trunk distribution cables, and the distance between the AAU and the base station is relatively long.

2. In areas where optical fiber resources are scarce, there are no pipeline resources and new optical fibers can be laid unconditionally.

3. Limited by the construction period, the optical fiber problem can be temporarily solved as an emergency plan.

4. Services that need to be guaranteed in 5g pre transmission.

For example: simple double star networking, BBU & Du side adopts active equipment, AAU side adopts passive equipment, and 25g color light module is located on Du and AAU equipment; The installation location of the remote passive WDM equipment can be flexibly selected. It can be installed at the AAU to solve the single station service or at the secondary fiber distribution point to converge the multi station service;

1、Support comprehensive access of wireless forward transmission and other services, take into account the bearing of wireless forward transmission, dedicated line and home wide services, and maximize the value of the forward transmission network;

2、The fiber can be saved to the maximum extent. One core fiber can carry multiple 4G and 5g forward CPRI / ecpri services;

3、The office end is active and the remote end is passive. WDM technology is used to expand the physical channel of pure transparent transmission, without introducing delay and jitter;

4、Support CWDM \ mwdm \ lwdm \ DWDM and other service wavelength division cards;

5、It provides monitoring of the operation status of the main line and channel branch of the combined and split wave, and can provide fault location monitoring. Locate the fault point through fault dyeing function; Easy maintenance and fault location;

6、Mwdm / lwdm supports OAM message reporting to semi-active network management;

7、Support optical layer 1:1 protection, and the protection switching time is less than 50ms to improve network reliability;

8、The optical layer protection function board can be selected according to the application scenario, and supports hot plug, power down / power on maintenance functions to ensure that the equipment will not affect the business operation in the case of power down;

9、The device network management supports SNMP, NETCONF and other protocols, and provides GUI Graphical user interface. The client adopts HTTP based Java Web Start client technology, and can start the management interface from the browser;

10、The active equipment at the office end supports AC 220V and dc-48v power supply options, and 1 1 power input protection;

11、The installation mode is flexible. The equipment at the office end supports rack type installation and wall mounting, while the equipment at the remote end supports rack type, holding pole and wall mounting. The installation is simple and plug and play;

12、The remote outdoor equipment meets the requirements of IP67 standard and supports the installation of holding poles and wall hangers.

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