CFP2 LAN-WDM 100G 10km Transceiver
CFP2 LAN-WDM 100G 10km Transceiver

100G CFP2 LR4 optical Transceiver integrates receiver and transmitter path on one module. In the transmit side, four lanes of serial data streams are recovered, retimed, and passed to four laser drive

● Local Area Network (LAN)

● Data Center

● Ethernet switches and router applications

● Compliant with 100GBASE-LR4

● Support line rates from 103.125 Gbps to 111.81 Gbps

● Integrated LAN WDM TOSA / ROSA for up to 10 km reach over SMF

● Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface

● Duplex LC optical receptacle

● No external reference clock

● Single 3.3 V power supply

● Case operating temperature range:0°C to 70°C

● Power dissipation <9W

● Distance:10km

● Data Rate:100Gb/s

● Low End Case Temperature (°C):0

● High End Case Temperature (°C):70

● Diagnostics:Digital

● Transmitter:DFB

● Receiver:PIN

● Voltage Supply:3.3

● Connector:LC

● Wavelength:LAN-WDM Band