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Adhere to the road of Technological Development: Xu Zhibin, deputy director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, and his delegation visited Xunte Communications

Date: 2022-08-11Number: 1919

On July 9, Xu Zhibin, deputy director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, Liu Yong, deputy director of the electronic information department, and Liu Rui, chief staff member of the electronic information department, visited Xunte communications. Zheng Bo, chairman of Xunte communications, Wei Zhijian, CTO, and Guo Kaijia, deputy general manager, warmly received the visiting leaders.

Deputy director Xu Zhibin and his party first visited the company's exhibition hall. Chairman Zheng Bo introduced the company's development history, product application and projects undertaken to the visiting leaders. Subsequently, the two sides held a discussion and conducted in-depth exchanges and communication. Guo Kaijia, the deputy general manager, reported the current market distribution, strategic planning and technical projects of the company.

Since the official commercial use of 5g in 2019, Xunte communication has made full preparations for the industrial technology update through the layout in advance. Xunte, which is developing at a high speed, has grown into the largest optical module supplier in the domestic operator market. Since its establishment, it has been steadily moving to the forefront of the industry with a high annual compound growth rate. Under the background of the global 5g boom and the promotion of the national new infrastructure macro policy, the development of the optical communication industry has entered the fast lane. With the strong R & D strength in 5g optical modules, Xunte communication has firmly seized the opportunity to launch the industry's most complete 5g optical module product series, and took the lead in developing optical modules and solutions that meet the needs of 5g pre transmission applications, focusing on lwdm \ mwdm and other optical modules.

After learning about the company's situation, deputy director Xu Zhibin first agreed with the development direction of "technology based enterprise" of Xunte communications, and was happy that the company could maintain the rapid development trend. At the same time, he also encouraged Xunte communications to continue to take root in Shenzhen to develop enterprises, continue to strengthen docking and communication with departments including industry and information technology, and actively declare relevant projects and policies; Shenzhen 5g optical communication has been in the forefront of the country. We hope that Xunte communication will pay more attention to the development of 5g industrial chain and play a greater role in helping 5g development; It is suggested to strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream industries and scientific research institutes while developing the company to jointly build a public platform for Shenzhen optical communication; As a leading enterprise in the optical communication industry, it is hoped that Xunte communication will participate more in major technology research projects, especially the "bottleneck" problems existing in the industry development, so as to achieve technological breakthroughs and innovations.

With regard to the encouragement and suggestions of deputy director Xu Zhibin, Zheng Bo, chairman of the board, said that Xunte communications will continue to increase R & D investment as always, and constantly improve the R & D strength and comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise. In the future, Xunte communication will continue to take root in Shenzhen, strive to develop and expand enterprises through Shenzhen's excellent industrial technology foundation, and contribute to the development of Shenzhen optical communication.