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Achieving the dream of lecturers -- training of trainers' classroom teaching and presentation skills carried out by Xunte communication

Date: 2019-06-25Number: 1226

In order to continuously improve the company's internal training ability, on June 23 and 24, under the organization of the human resources department, a professional training on TTT red ability training: trainer's classroom teaching and presentation skills was held in Shenzhen Qingqing world. In order to let everyone have a more professional training experience, the company invited Mr. Lin Hai, who has many years of senior management experience and has in-depth research and rich practical experience in talent cultivation and development, management skills improvement and other aspects, to conduct special training for the internal training instructors and interested personnel of various departments.

Lecturer's classroom explanation

In the course, the teacher gave a detailed explanation on the professional role cognition of the trainer and the nine key points of the excellent teaching in the trainer's class. By using the unique training methods such as the in-depth analysis of classic cases, the Enlightenment of games, and the comments on the excellent class, the representative students of each group were allowed to practice and think about the nine key points of the excellent class one by one through grouping.

Classroom real-time exercise

Team style

In order to enable all the students to more truly and deeply experience the role of trainers, Mr. Lin Hai also added a practical link in the training module of the wonderful introduction of the course content. Each student developed a personalized opening introduction method according to the content of the courseware he was responsible for, and demonstrated on the stage one by one. The teacher made comments and put forward improvement suggestions one by one. Through this training, the students' expression and speech skills have been significantly improved.

Through the two-day training, both the lecturers who have relevant training experience and the employees who are about to take on new teaching tasks and join the lecturer group have gained a lot. The trainer gave a full explanation. I believe that all employees participating in the training have a new understanding and understanding of the role of the internal trainer and how to teach a course well.