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Start singing - the first part of the induction training for 2018 new students of Xunte communication

Date: 2018-07-23Number: 1340

The scorching sun in July is as hot as fire. What is hotter than this scorching sun is the enthusiasm of 34 new students of Xunte communication in 2018. With the end of the graduation season, the company officially opened the new curtain of recruiting new employees in 2018.

With unlimited expectations for the future, on July 13, 34 new graduates from more than a dozen well-known universities in the country, including Nanchang University, Jiangxi University of Finance and economics, Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications, Xi'an University of technology and so on, formally joined Xunte communication in Nanchang base. They came from all over the world and gathered in this red city on the land of Jiangxi and Poyang.

Under the unified organization of the human resources department, on the 13th, the induction ceremony of the 2018 new students was held in Nanchang base. General manager Sun Ding and director of human resources department Wang mengping attended and participated in the ceremony. At the ceremony, general manager Sun introduced the development history of the company to the new employees. Through the elaboration of the enterprise's fine traditions and cultural values, the new employees further understood the great collective of Xunte. In the process of sharing, Mr. Sun also combined his own experience to encourage new employees to be clear about the direction and lifelong learning in their work, dare to work hard for their dreams, and keep moving forward in a down-to-earth manner.

General manager's message to new employees

In order to continuously enhance the cohesion among new employees, improve the team cooperation awareness of new employees and fully explore their personal potential, the company also organized new employees to come to Cuilin development base for outdoor expansion. During the whole training, everyone actively participated in the training and was brave to pay. In the continuous mutual encouragement and self challenge, they showed a good mental outlook and excellent execution.

Gather strength and defy obstacles


Dare to challenge and surpass yourself

In order to enable everyone to better grasp the knowledge that should be known and understood, a series of training will be conducted next, including basic knowledge, product knowledge and other courses. Through the three guarantees of teaching, practical operation and assessment, the quality and skills of new employees will be comprehensively cultivated.

Facing the early morning sun, walking in a neat pace,

You Mengxin have already started a new journey,

Look forward to their growth and transformation in the next training!