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Pursuit of excellence, openness and win-win · expansion training of Xunte product team in 2018

Date: 2018-11-26Number: 1414

In order to continuously enhance the cohesion and cultivate the group consciousness, on November 24 and 25, under the unified organization of the R & D department and the human resources department, the Xunte communication product team carried out an outdoor quality development and team building activity in Shenzhen Nan'ao and Dapeng ancient city. From the happy training base to the ancient city of Dapeng, 45 young friends will experience various activities and start an unforgettable weekend trip in two days.

On the first day, our product team came to the South Australia quality development training base. Under the guidance of the training teachers, we experienced various outdoor projects such as the South-to-North Water Diversion, star wars, the power of breathing and tearing up famous brands. Every project and game is challenging the tacit understanding between people, so that all team members can complete tasks through group cooperation in activities, integrate individuals into the group, give play to their advantages in the group, and personally experience the strength of the team.

How to transport a small table tennis ball to its destination steadily has proved to be not simple, but even more so~


Chasing and running, protecting one's own famous brand, while capturing others, the test is not only physical strength, but also strategic deployment.


Accurate communication of information is important. How to make use of limited resources to manufacture respirators in the shortest time and maximize the strength of team members is another big test.

A game without "diving" does not need to know how to watch the ball. Carry your bubble football, run and chase all over the court, and release the pressure with the loudest laughter.


After the first full day of quality development training, I experienced the close relationship between individuals and teams; The next day, our product team came to Dapeng ancient city. As the first of the eight scenic spots in Shenzhen and the origin of Pengcheng, we certainly had to stop and visit it carefully.


A new day, starting from sunrise on the island

Start with the task and punch in the ancient city


After visiting the ancient city of Dapeng, the tour of group construction at the weekend came to an end in a live CS. Although the sky was drizzling, it could not stop everyone's passion.


Although the two days are short, the rich activities make this weekend more abundant. In Sutuo, with laughter and laughter, a group of people completed one task after another with common wisdom and efforts; When visiting, take the target and punch in all corners of the ancient city. 45 people are both teams and groups. In the activities, they constantly experience and cultivate team spirit, twist all people into one rope, and advance towards the common goal, which fully reflects the enterprise spirit of sincere cooperation, unity and win-win in the pursuit of excellence.