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New infrastructure, new energy and new opportunities: Wu zhongqiong, vice governor of Jiangxi Province, visited Xunte to investigate the development of 5g industry

Date: 2021-04-01Number: 1539

On April 1, Wu zhongqiong, vice governor of Jiangxi Province, visited Xunte communication to investigate and understand the development of 5g industry. Yang Guiping, director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Xiong juefei, director of the provincial communications administration, Liu Xiaoyi, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, Hu Xiaohai, deputy mayor of Nanchang Municipal People's government, etc. accompanied the investigation. Zheng Bo, chairman of the board of directors of the company, and Ying Yafei, deputy general manager, received the visiting leaders and reported on the company's resumption of work and production and the product market.

General manager Zheng gave a detailed introduction to Vice Governor Wu zhongqiong on the company's product series, market layout and resumption of production. Since its inception, Xunte communication has always focused on the field of optical modules. At present, it has achieved independent research and development in the field of 5g optical modules, and has a full series of optical module product matrix for 5g network construction. In the 5g network transmission, Xunte communication takes the lead in developing the most complete 25g product family, including the mainstream application in the construction of prequel - 25g color light module, which is the largest color light module supplier in the market at present; For the construction of big data center proposed by the new infrastructure, the company plans to fully launch 200g / 400g pam4 optical module products in 2020; For the industrial Internet optical module market, the company can provide optical module products with full speed and application in different scenarios to meet the communication connection requirements of low delay, high reliability and security between massive devices.

In the face of the sudden epidemic, Xunte communication made a risk plan in the first time, paid attention to the staff dynamics, started the procurement of epidemic prevention materials, and arranged the work resumption in an orderly manner, making full preparations for the subsequent rapid resumption of work and production. Compared with the industries widely affected by the epidemic, the 5g industry under the call of the new infrastructure policy has become a new driving force for social and economic development under the pressure of trade friction and the epidemic. Xunte communications is firmly grasping this market opportunity brought by the new infrastructure. The order volume has increased explosively, the daily output has doubled, and the production line and equipment have been followed up simultaneously. With the help of the government of the high tech Zone, the problem of personnel recruitment has also been effectively alleviated, and the enterprise as a whole has shown a "reverse growth" development trend.

After learning that Xunte communications can also maintain rapid growth in the epidemic, Vice Governor Wu zhongqiong affirmed that Xunte communications seized market opportunities and focused on improving R & D strength, and asked about the current help needs of enterprises. She said that the government was willing to actively solve the problems encountered by enterprises in development, and immediately instructed relevant departments to implement them as soon as possible to help enterprises achieve leapfrog development under new infrastructure and new opportunities. At the same time, Vice Governor Wu zhongqiong also put forward valuable suggestions to the enterprise for the strategic planning of centring communications to take root in Jiangxi and seek development in the future. She encouraged centring communications to continue to base itself on Jiangxi and face the world, give full play to the enterprise's dominant position in the 5g market, and contribute to the development of Jiangxi 5g industry; And encourage enterprises to make full use of YINGSHANHONG plan and other preferential policies to realize the listing plan on the domestic science and technology innovation board and become a world-class optoelectronic enterprise as soon as possible.