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Give the thumbs-up! Xunte communication was awarded the "Jiangxi Federation of overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base"

Date: 2022-08-11Number: 1913

On December 30, Luo Lidu, member of the Party group and vice chairman of the Federation of overseas Chinese of Jiangxi Province, and his party visited Xunte communication and awarded the "Jiangxi Federation of overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base" to Xunte communication. Li Ziping, director and Zheng Kai, deputy director of the overseas Chinese cultural exchange service center of the Provincial Federation of overseas Chinese, and Zhou Youshui, a second level researcher of the administrative committee of the high tech Zone, participated in the research activities. Zheng Bo, chairman of Jiangxi Xunte communications, and Ying Yafei, general manager, accompanied him.

Vice chairman Luo Lidu and his party visited the exhibition hall of Xunte communications, listened to the introduction of enterprises and held a discussion. Since its establishment, Xunte communications has always adhered to the primary position of technological innovation, and has taken sustainable R & D investment as the foundation of enterprise development. In a down-to-earth manner, it adheres to the high-quality development enabled by scientific and technological innovation. After long-term technological accumulation, Xunte communication has won the unanimous recognition of the market through its own scientific and technological innovation ability. It has become the largest optical module supplier in the domestic operator market. It has seized the opportunity to quickly achieve the industry leading position in 5g products and won many honorary titles such as Jiangxi seed unicorn, specialized and special small and medium-sized enterprises, and Nanchang enterprise technology center.

Xunte communications accurately seizes the new infrastructure opportunities and strives to create the competitive advantage of the enterprise and grow rapidly in the industry with the characteristics of the earliest 5g layout, the most complete products and the strongest delivery capacity. Zheng Bo, chairman of the board of directors, said that Xunte communications will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation first, and through persistent R & D investment, realize the leap from following to synchronization and then to leading in the industry, and become the world's leading optical interconnection solution provider! At the same time, as a powerful and innovative high-tech enterprise, Xunte communications hopes to undertake more social responsibilities and make contributions to the society in the future when operating the enterprise well.

After learning about the development of Xunte, especially its contribution to the epidemic, Luo Lidu, vice chairman, expressed great affirmation to the company and believed that Xunte communications was a very promising enterprise. The "Jiangxi Federation of overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base" aims to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, support the development of overseas Chinese enterprises, and hope that Xunte communication can take advantage of the platform advantages of the Federation of overseas Chinese to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in scientific research, industry and other aspects, and constantly improve the innovation and entrepreneurship ability of enterprises. Luo Lidu, vice chairman, pointed out that innovation is closely related to the future and destiny of the country and the nation, encouraged enterprises to achieve greater development in innovation and entrepreneurship, and continued to strive to build Xunte communication into a brand advantage.