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Xunte Communication organizes love test assistance activities

Date: 2018-06-09Number: 1379

Iccsz news on June 7 and 8, the college entrance examination involving tens of thousands of families is in progress. Candidates are writing hard in the examination room, and parents are waiting anxiously outside the school. In order to provide assistance to the vast number of candidates, the company specially assigned internal vehicles to pick up and send candidates and their parents to the examination center of the high tech Zone during the examination period, carried out voluntary activities to facilitate the travel of candidates, contributed to the college entrance examination students in the high tech Zone, put every bit of public welfare into practice, and earnestly fulfilled the social responsibility of the enterprise.


Love test car


Love test car 2


College entrance examination students

After a day of intense examination, pick up the examinee and take him home for rest.

A sword sharpened in ten years

Try your best today

Pen pointed

Is the footprint of youth struggle

Coming soon

It's a dream come true

At the end of the college entrance examination

All staff of Xunte communication

Send our best wishes for college entrance examination




Thousands of words, into a sentence: college entrance examination refueling! I believe that every student who strives for his dream will go all out in this fair competition, get the ideal results, go to the university he likes, learn the major he likes, and take the road he wants!