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With hard core strength, Xunte communication was recognized by "Guangdong silicon based optoelectronic engineering technology research center"!

Date: 2019-04-06Number: 1158

On March 4, the science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province announced the list of "2019 Guangdong engineering technology research center". With excellent strength, the "Guangdong silicon-based Optoelectronic Engineering Technology Research Center" declared by Xunte communication was successfully recognized.

IFocus on innovation and promote industrial development

The engineering technology research center aims to accelerate the construction of enterprise R & D institutions, establish an innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented and deep integration of industry, learning and finance, and give full play to the demonstration and driving role in promoting technological innovation, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and personnel training. As a communication industry enterprise, Xunte communications has always adhered to the business philosophy of "technology based enterprise", established a R & D team with doctors and masters, and reached good industry university research cooperation with many well-known universities in China. Relying on its deep accumulation in high-density packaging, optoelectronic device integration and dense high-frequency circuit design, it has formed a leading technology center for development, testing and production enterprises in the industry.

The successful application of Guangdong engineering technology research center is another recognition and confirmation of the company in the research of silicon-based optoelectronic technology after the successful application of the key R & D project of "25g / 50g / 100g PON silicon-based optoelectronic chips and subsystems for optical access" by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China in 2019.

IIMarket prospect and new breakthrough

With the construction of 5g network in full swing, in order to meet the growth of users' demand for broadband, major operators continue to improve network technology, and the market demand for optical modules is growing. As one of the important devices in the future communication construction layout, the high-end optical module and chip market has considerable growth space. However, the domestic technology accumulation in related fields is still insufficient. The core devices are long-term dependent on imports, and there is a large gap in technology research and development.

Silicon based optoelectronic technology, as a new and disruptive technology platform in recent years, has been widely used in data communication and long-range coherent optical transmission, and has been accepted by more and more application scenarios for its excellent characteristics such as low cost, high quality and high performance. Based on the development of silicon-based optoelectronic modules, the "Guangdong silicon-based Optoelectronic Engineering Technology Center" relying on Xunte communications introduces silicon-based optoelectronic technology into the communication network access layer and applies it to the future high-speed optical module products to better meet the requirements of the new generation of communication network construction, provide better solutions for future 5g and data center communications, and fully explore the good industrialization prospects of silicon-based optoelectronic technology.

IIISeize the opportunity and see the future with development

Since its establishment, Xunte communication has been based on scientific and technological innovation and talent training. Facing the opportunities of 5g new generation communication construction, it has firmly adhered to the development policy of "technology based enterprise" and the business philosophy of "people-oriented", planned the future with the vision of sustainable development, and insisted on more than 10% of R & D investment every year. The market competition is based on the competition of talents. The company has also formulated a set of talent management policies and measures according to the characteristics of the industry and talents: the "two-step" strategy is implemented in the introduction of high-end talents; The principle of "passing on, helping and leading" should be set up in the internal training of talents; It has gradually formed a long-term mechanism for attracting, cultivating and encouraging scientific and technological personnel, a talent echelon training mechanism and a career planning system.

As the carrier of the specific implementation of the technology innovation strategy, the establishment of the engineering technology center is the re integration and upgrading of the internal and external resources of the enterprise, and the innovation development path from strong talents, strong technology to strong industry. I believe it will certainly provide valuable platform opportunities for the future high-quality development of the enterprise.