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Intimate service to help enterprises seek development: Mr. Huang Xiangyue, head of Nanshan District, visited Xunte communication for investigation

Date: 2020-08-11Number: 1398

On May 15, an investigation team led by Huang Xiangyue, the head of Nanshan District, and heads of relevant departments of the district science and technology innovation Bureau, the district industry and Information Bureau, the District Statistics Bureau, the District Government Affairs Service Data Management Bureau, the district enterprise service center, and the district Party committee (government) office visited Xunte communication and had in-depth discussions and exchanges with Zheng Bo, the chairman of the company, Wei Zhijian, CTO, Guo Kaijia, deputy general manager, and Zhang Wei, deputy general manager.

Zheng Bo, chairman of the board of directors, warmly welcomed Huang Xiangyue and his party to visit Xunte communication and introduced the company's growth history, market pattern, application scenarios and future strategic planning to the leaders of the district.

Since it started in Nanshan District in 2013, in just a few years, Xunte communication has successfully emerged in the optical communication industry from a fledgling enterprise and quickly entered the first camp of the industry. The customers served by the company include operators, equipment manufacturers, data centers and other directions, and the market scope is gradually expanded from domestic to overseas. Relying on the industry east wind brought by the national "new infrastructure", the company has successfully grasped the market demand of 5g construction and surpassed the market in 5g optical module products and solutions. The color optical module of 5g base station has occupied the first position in the market share. With the smooth resumption of work and production, the production and operation returned to normal. As of April, the company's orders had increased several times, and the supply of products exceeded the demand.

In order to better develop Xunte, the company has formulated three development strategies for the hard won opportunities in 2020. Zheng Bo, chairman of the board, reported to Huang Xiangyue district chief and his party. As for how to achieve the company's strategic objectives and help the enterprise solve the problems and difficulties encountered in the current development, the two sides had in-depth communication and exchange. Huang Xiangyue district chief and the leaders of relevant departments and districts gave clear feedback on the demands put forward by the enterprise, including major R & D special policies, talent support plans, financing loans and other aspects.

After listening to the relevant reports of the company, Huang Xiangyue district chief evaluated Xunte communication as a "high growth" enterprise, and appreciated and affirmed the excellent achievements made by Xunte in its rapid development. He said that under the tremendous pressure of the epidemic, Xunte communication was still able to break through the siege and seize the opportunity, which was the highlight and growth point of the enterprise; As the district government, it is the responsibility of the government to solve specific problems for enterprises, create a good business environment and provide good services in all aspects. As for the company's demands, Huang Xiangyue district chief also gave careful guidance to guide the company to accurately connect in the future development process and help the company grow better.

At the forum, under the chairmanship of Huang Xiangyue, the leaders of relevant departments of the research group also responded to the demands of the company one by one, promoted the implementation of the needs of enterprises, and said that relevant departments of the district would do their best to achieve information exchange, mutual assistance and common development with enterprises, and help enterprises to achieve listing on the gem as soon as possible!

Zheng Bo, chairman of the board of directors, expressed thanks for the visit and investigation of Huang Xiangyue and his party. He said that Xunte communication originated from Nanshan and grew up in Nanshan, and has received strong support from the District Committee and the district government in recent years. In the future, the company will continue to take root in Nanshan, continue to forge ahead, innovate and develop, contribute to the economic construction of Nanshan District, and realize the enterprise vision of becoming the world's leading optical interconnection solution supplier as soon as possible.