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Heavy! CCTV news channel interviews and reports on Xunte communication

Date: 2021-04-30Number: 1411

On April 30, CCTV news channel "Morning News" reported the construction of domestic 5g network. As an enterprise that seizes the opportunity and grows against the trend in 5g construction, Xunte communication received the attention and report of CCTV news column group. Zheng Bo, chairman of the board, accepted the interview of journalists on behalf of Xunte communication.

Click the link: CCTV news "Morning News" video report

  • Firmly grasp the new opportunities of 5g construction

In response to the national policy call on accelerating the progress of new infrastructure such as 5g network and data center, the "new infrastructure" of 5g will be officially launched in 2020. In the recently completed centralized acquisition of 5g base stations by operators, the total amount is more than 70 billion yuan according to statistics, which brings a huge market to the entire optical communication industry. As the largest optical module supplier in the domestic operator market, Xunte communication has won many good results in the 5g bidding project of the operator recently.

Against the background of accelerating the construction of new infrastructure represented by 5g, the company's orders increased against the trend of the epidemic, and the supply of products exceeded the demand. In the workshop, Zheng Bo, chairman of the board of directors, told the reporter that the company's "eight production lines have been operating at full capacity since February 10. Up to now, our output this year has exceeded that of last year, and we will continue to add eight production lines in the second half of the year." At the same time of doubling the production capacity, fast layout and expansion of production lines have been realized. Xunte communication has made full preparations for this new network construction.

Since its establishment, Xunte communications has always focused on providing high-end optical modules and 5g forward transmission solutions for the market. The company adheres to the people-oriented principle and has a management and operation team with rich experience in sales, R & D, production and management in the optical communication industry. The company has always been customer-centric. Through accurate docking of customer needs and forward-looking R & D investment, it is committed to providing customers with high-quality optical module products and services. Its products are widely used in wireless access networks, telecommunications bearer networks, data centers and other communication systems, and its customer groups are all over the world. At present, it has become the first brand of optical modules and passive Wavelength Division products in the domestic operator market, and firmly occupies the first place in the market share of 25g color optical modules.

  • Be a "enabler" of new infrastructure

In 2020, under the national strategic background of accelerating the progress of 5g new infrastructure construction, 5g construction will not only become the vanguard of returning to work after the epidemic, It plays a key role of "new driving force of economic development" and also undertakes the mission of global science and technology competition. Xunte communications has accurately grasped the characteristics of 5g network construction, such as high speed, low delay, large capacity, and saving optical fiber. It has made bold progress and rapid response in the wave of new infrastructure, and realized the leapfrog development of enterprises. According to statistics, among the color light modules used in 5g base stations that have been opened in China, one out of every three is produced by Xunte communications.

Since 2017, Xunte communication has participated in the formulation of 5g pre transmission scheme and 5g network planning and construction of operators; In 2018, it took the lead in releasing a full series of 25g color light modules for 5g front transmission; In 2019, Hubei Mobile achieved the first 5g network scale commercial in China. With its strong R & D strength in 5g optical modules, Xunte has become a leader in China's 5g optical module product solutions. It has the most complete 5g optical module product series in the industry. The products have excellent optical and electrical performance indicators and reliability, ranging from short-range to long-range, double fiber to single fiber, wavelength from o-band to C-band, working range from commercial to industrial level, channel spacing covering CWDM, mwdm, lwdm and DWDM, It also takes the lead in the industry to develop a series of optical module products with top adjustment function that meet the visualization of 5g forward passive wavelength division system, and meet the application needs of different customers around the world.

R & D investment is the foundation of the company's long-term potential growth. Xunte communication always insists on overwhelming R & D investment, and the annual R & D expenditure is not less than 10% of the sales revenue. The company has established a research and development team with doctors and masters, and established industry university research cooperation relations with famous universities and scientific research institutes such as Peking University, Southern University of science and technology, Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is committed to the layout and breakthrough of key technologies of silicon-based optoelectronic chips. Facing the rare opportunity of 5g development, Xunte communications will fully assist operators in 5g network construction and big data center construction, further play the role of "enabler" in the new infrastructure, and contribute to the evolution of China's optical communication technology and industrial development, and enhance international competitiveness.