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Liu Xin, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, and his party came to Xunte communication for investigation and exchange

Date: 2021-04-27Number: 1755

On April 27, Liu Xin, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, deputy director of the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, and vice chairman of the Shenzhen Federation of overseas Chinese, Zhang Peng, deputy director of Changjiang Hong and deputy director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Department of the United Front Work Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, came to Xunte communication to investigate and understand the resumption and development of the enterprise. Zheng Bo, chairman of the company, and Wei Zhijian, deputy general manager of the company, warmly welcomed Liu Xin and his party. Subsequently, the two sides visited the exhibition hall of the company and conducted a survey and discussion.

Vice Minister Liu Xin and his party first came to the exhibition hall of the company to learn about the development history of the company, product market application and front-end product research and development. In the past ten years, the business scenario of Xunte communication has expanded from the production, R & D and sales of optical modules to the provision of complete solutions to the market. The sales mode of "customer first", the experienced professional team of optical communication, and the constantly accumulated technical breakthrough ability have enabled Xunte communication to grow rapidly.

At the forum, Zheng Bo, chairman of the board of directors, focused on the enterprise development, major science and technology projects and the resumption of work and production under the background of new infrastructure construction. As a high-tech enterprise, Xunte communication is a young enterprise and a rapidly rising "new force" in the optical communication industry. The enterprise attaches great importance to R & D innovation and investment, maintains more than 10% of R & D investment every year, and constantly optimizes the talent structure and improves the technical competitiveness. As an enterprise in the "5g" industrial chain, in March this year, under the call of the new infrastructure policy led by 5g construction, the fast forward button was pressed ahead of schedule for 5g construction, and the "acceleration" was also "increasing". According to the statistics released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, it is expected that 600000 base stations will be built in 2020. While major operators accelerate the infrastructure construction of 5g networks, new optical modules and devices will be applied on a large scale. For the key points of 5g network construction, Xunte communication takes the lead in launching a passive wavelength division scheme - 25g color optical module, which has been widely used in the operator market and has become the mainstream scheme adopted in the market. The future of the market is not only the competition of technology, but also the competition of talents. The strategic layout of technology is also an important way for Xunte communication to continue to develop and surpass the curve. The company has successively applied for various national and provincial scientific and technological projects. Among them, the "25g / 50g / 100g PON silicon-based optoelectronic chips and subsystems for optical access" project led by Xunte communication has been successfully approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, Xunte communication is also the only enterprise in Guangdong Province listed in the national key R & D Program "optoelectronic and microelectronic devices and integration".

After listening to the relevant reports of enterprises, Vice Minister Liu Xin fully affirmed the development achievements of Xunte communications. He pointed out that Xunte communications is a "young and vigorous enterprise with rapid development". Through its own growth, it can successfully achieve technological leadership and market breakthrough in the field of optical communications; Xunte communications is also an enterprise with broad development prospects. Its unique growth advantages and core products can give full play to its core technology advantages in the new infrastructure construction. Vice Minister Liu Xin also encouraged Xunte communications to seize the great opportunity of 5g development, stand out in the market, become the industry leader, continue to participate in the formulation of industrial technical standards, and become the standard setter. At the same time, Vice Minister Liu Xin is also very concerned about the current needs and difficulties of enterprises. He said that the United Front Work Department of the municipal Party committee will continue to promote the implementation of preferential policies for enterprises, help enterprises better develop, strengthen communication and provide better government services for enterprises.