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Huang Xizhong, mayor of Nanchang City, visited Xunte communication

Date: 2022-08-11Number: 1557

On November 7, Huang Xizhong, mayor of Nanchang City, took advantage of the weekend break to visit Xunte communication to investigate the development of the enterprise. Sun Ding, general manager of Xunte communications, warmly received the visiting leaders and gave a detailed introduction to Mayor Huang on enterprise development and market situation.

Since its establishment, Xunte communications has always focused on the production, R & D, manufacturing and sales of optical modules, with the vision of becoming the world's leading optical interconnection solution supplier. We will take the lead in breaking the traditional optical module procurement mode, fully grasp the product and construction cost needs of the operator market, and initially establish a good cooperative relationship with the operator market. To lay out the 5g network product plan in advance, actively carry out in-depth exchanges with major research institutes of operators, jointly target the network construction requirements, and launch CWDM / mwdm / lwdm passive wavelength division and semi-active solutions that are widely applicable to the construction of 5g forward transmission networks, successfully solving the problem of insufficient optical fiber resources caused by 5g construction, With good quality and excellent product performance, it meets the current and future scenarios of smooth evolution of 5g equipment. At present, Xunte communication has become the largest optical module and 5g forward transmission solution supplier in the domestic operator market.

In 2020, in the face of the market blockade under the epidemic situation, while realizing the growth against the trend, Xunte communication actively participated in the industrial technical exchange and continuously increased the research and development of high-speed optical modules, including 200g / 400g and other series. In September this year, at the China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE), Xunte successfully demonstrated to the outside the 200g / 400g series products independently produced by the company, which received the attention and recognition of many industry customers.

Mayor Huang affirmed the good development trend and achievements of the enterprise and agreed that the enterprise adheres to the development road driven by scientific and technological innovation. The electronic information industry is the top priority of Nanchang's industrial development. In the future, Xunte communications will closely follow the situation, strive to seize the market opportunity by increasing technological innovation, constantly expand the production scale, and realize the leapfrog development of enterprises.