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Xunte communication won the annual "most influential 25g optical module product" award

Date: 2022-08-11Number: 1575

On July 30 and 31, the 2020 optical connection conference was held in Guangdong. The theme of the conference was "interconnection of all things and a colorful future", which attracted more than 350 enterprises from the entire optical communication industry chain. At the same time, the conference held the first "2020 most influential optical communication product award ceremony", and awarded 15 most influential product awards and 6 annual innovation awards in the optical communication industry.

With its strong market leading ability and technological innovation ability, Xunte communication 25g wavelength division optical module stands out among many products, has been unanimously recognized by the industry and won the only "most influential 25g optical module product" award!

"2020 optical connection conference" focuses on 5g, data center and other optical communication fields, Among them, the "most influential optical communication products" award ceremony was held for the first time, focusing on the evaluation of the influence of representative optical communication products in the industry, based on the product sales (market share), technology leadership or innovation ability (next generation leader), brand awareness (media publicity) In three dimensions, the customers, suppliers, industry end users, cfol review experts and market analysts of the shortlisted enterprises were invited to score together, and the annual "most influential optical communication product award" was selected to commend the enterprise representatives who have made outstanding contributions in leadership, technological innovation and brand building, so that excellent enterprises can play an exemplary role and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Xunte communication 25g wavelength division optical module, with its long-term market share and excellent product performance in many public tests, successfully won the "most influential 25g optical module product in 2020" award in the fierce competition. 25g series optical modules include LR / ER / bidi / CWDM / DWDM / lan-wdm / mwdm and other products, which can meet the needs of different customers in the world. Among them, the 25g 12 wave lwdm and mwdm optical modules launched in 2020 have passed the tests of China Telecom and China Mobile with excellent product performance. In the system test organized by China Mobile Research Institute, the 25g mwdm top light module successfully passed all functional tests, and realized the intercommunication of different manufacturers for the first time in China. In the first lwdm scheme test organized by China Telecom, the company's 25g 12 wave lwdm optical module and lwdm combiner / demultiplexer products passed various index tests with excellent product performance under various extreme conditions, and were highly recognized by China Telecom Research Institute.

Seizing the market demand of 5g construction, Xunte communication has successfully overtaken 5g color optical module products and solutions, grown into the first brand of optical modules and passive Wavelength Division products in the domestic operator market, and occupied the first place in the market share of 25g color optical modules.

Under the background of accelerating the development of "new infrastructure", Xunte communications will continue to invest in 5g innovation R & D and scenario application, strengthen cooperation with operators and other customers in 5g commercial and solution development, comprehensively help the transformation opportunities of 5g era, and help the leap forward of 5g era with innovation strength.

This industry award is the company's accurate judgment on the forward-looking market and an effective demonstration of its overwhelming R & D investment and real strength. With accumulated experience and steady development, Xunte communication focuses on the 5g front-end transmission field, and will continue to move towards the vision of becoming the world's leading optical interconnection solution provider in the future.