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Zhang Zhiming, secretary and chairman of the Party group of Jiangxi Federation of overseas Chinese, and his party visited Xunte communication for investigation

Date: 2018-06-11Number: 1444

On June 18, Zhang Zhiming, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of the Jiangxi Federation of overseas Chinese, visited Xunte communication for investigation. Chen Yu, head of the economic, scientific and technological rights protection department of the Jiangxi Federation of overseas Chinese, and Li Ziping, director of the Jiangxi overseas Chinese Cultural Exchange Service Center, accompanied him. Under the reception of Zheng Bo, chairman of Xunte communications, Ying Yafei, deputy general manager and Wei Zhijian, deputy general manager, chairman Zhang Zhiming and his party visited the exhibition hall of the company and held talks.

Zheng Bo, chairman of the board of directors, welcomed the arrival of chairman Zhang Zhiming and his party and thanked the Federation of overseas Chinese for its concern and support. When visiting the company's exhibition hall, Mr. Zheng introduced the company's development history, product application and market expansion, as well as the company's future layout in the 5g industry. After understanding, chairman Zhang Zhiming affirmed the rapid development momentum of the company.

Chairman Zhang Zhiming and his delegation visited the optical module product exhibition area


Subsequently, at the forum, vice general manager Wei Zhijian introduced the company's current project strategic deployment, industrial chain cooperation, talent training and introduction. In the face of the arrival of the 5g new generation communication era, Xunte communication has always actively integrated the industry, University and research resources of all parties, and constantly sought cooperation. By applying for major scientific research projects at provincial and national levels, and proceeding from the technology of the product itself, Xunte communication has grasped the 5g communication opportunities and achieved breakthroughs. In the future, Xunte communications will plan to cooperate with more domestic institutes and leading enterprises in the industry to jointly cultivate talents. It also hopes to introduce and bring back more high-tech talents to Jiangxi with the support and help of the Federation of overseas Chinese, so as to jointly contribute to the development of Jiangxi optical communication industry.

After systematically understanding the enterprise situation, chairman Zhang Zhiming said that the enterprise is the working object and service object of the Federation of overseas Chinese. Jiangxi Federation of overseas Chinese will wholeheartedly communicate and build a platform for the enterprise and create a better growth and development environment for the enterprise. At the same time, chairman Zhang Zhiming also affirmed the technical level and product market development potential of the industry where Xunte communications is located. He believed that with the advent of 5g boom, it would bring broader development prospects for enterprises.