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Mei Jianping, deputy director of the High Tech Department of the Ministry of science and technology, visited Xunte communication for investigation

Date: 2022-08-11Number: 1651

On October 19, Mei Jianping, deputy director of the High Tech Department of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, and his delegation visited Xunte communications to investigate the situation of "related industries in the electronic information field". Zhao Jincheng, a first-class inspector of the science and Technology Department of Jiangxi Province, Li Shuying, director of the science and Technology Bureau of Nanchang City, and Huang Duanwei, deputy director of the science and Technology Bureau of Nanchang City, participated in the investigation. Xiong Jun, member of the Party Working Committee and director of the Organization Department of the high tech Zone, Xiong Lihui, deputy director of the science and technology innovation Bureau of the high tech Zone, and others participated in the investigation.

As a representative enterprise in the optical communication industry in this investigation, the delegation led by deputy director Mei Jianping came to the exhibition hall of the company for in-depth investigation. Zheng Bo, chairman of the board of directors, gave a detailed introduction to the research leaders on the development history, product market and technology research and development.

Xunte communications is a young and dynamic enterprise. During the upgrading from 4G to 5g, Xunte communications firmly grasped the market opportunity, accurately grasped the characteristics of 5g network construction, such as high-speed, low delay, large capacity, and fiber saving, and boldly made progress and rapid response before the official arrival of 5g, realizing the leapfrog development of the enterprise. According to statistics, among the color light modules used in 5g base stations that have been opened in China, One out of every three is produced by Xunte communications. With its keen market sense and excellent R & D strength, since its establishment in 2012, Xunte communication has always maintained a high-speed development process, and has successfully grown into the largest optical module supplier and 5g forward passive wavelength division solution supplier in the domestic operator market. In the data center and equipment manufacturer markets, Xunte communication has also launched 100g, 200g, 400g and other product series for the data center, establishing close cooperation with representative equipment manufacturers and customers at home and abroad.

In terms of technology, Xunte communication adheres to the development concept of pioneering and innovation, actively applies for national, provincial and other technological research and development projects, takes the lead in presiding over many major projects such as the "25g / 50g / 100g PON silicon-based optoelectronic chips and subsystems for optical access" of the Ministry of Science and technology of the people's Republic of China, focuses on the industry front, and is committed to providing the next generation communication network with technologies and product solutions with the best performance, the best reliability and the lowest cost.

During the visit, deputy director general Mei Jianping frequently nodded and praised the achievements made by Xunte communication in recent years, and fully affirmed the enterprise's initiative in tackling key problems and its commitment to solving the "bottleneck" technical problems in the industry. He encouraged enterprises to seize the opportunity to achieve a leap in a new stage, and proposed to continue to strengthen R & D technological strength, constantly expand the scale of enterprises, and promote the better development of the industry.