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School enterprise linkage | Xunte communication signed an industry university research cooperation agreement with Nanchang Aviation University

Date: 2022-08-11Number: 2207

Innovation drives efficient development. In order to better realize talent training and the implementation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, on April 10, Xunte communication and Nanchang Aviation University signed a school enterprise industry university research cooperation agreement in Nanchang.

As the first optical module enterprise in Jiangxi Province, Xunte communications has made a long-term plan of "deeply rooted" in Jiangxi since its establishment. In 2017, the company set up an enterprise R & D technology center in Nanchang, and began to set up a local R & D team with doctors and masters. In recent years, it has successively won many honors such as Jiangxi seed Unicorn enterprise, Jiangxi "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise and specialized small giant enterprise, Nanchang high tech Zone top ten scientific and technological innovation and high growth enterprises, and has been successfully recognized as Nanchang "high speed optical communication module" engineering technology research center and enterprise technology center. It has independently undertaken the major special project of "science and technology to help the economy 2020" of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China At the same time of high-quality development, it has been recognized and affirmed by the relevant departments of the local government.

Scientific and technological innovation lies in the support of talents. In order to better introduce outstanding talents from colleges and universities and inject new force into enterprises, the company also insists on carrying out campus recruitment activities in local colleges and universities in Jiangxi, among which a batch of graduates from Nanchang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics join Xunte communications every year. It is reported that before the formal signing of the contract, the company and Nanchang aviation university had carried out several rounds of communication. This cooperation agreement signed by the University and the enterprise will unblock the cooperation channels, which will be more conducive to giving play to the practical advantages of Nanchang University of Aeronautics and universities in scientific research and Xunte communication industry, and will play a positive role in promoting the sharing of information resources between universities and enterprises, the integration of teaching and production, the application of learning, and the acceleration of the transformation efficiency of scientific and technological achievements.

Starting with the cooperation of industry, University and research, Xunte communications will continue to focus on new technologies and new outlets for industrial development. We will strive to deepen the joint training of talents with Nanchang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and carry out broader and deeper cooperation in horizontal scientific research cooperation and two-way personnel exchange through a series of channels such as professional course construction, teaching practice and project cooperation, so as to give full play to their respective industrial resources, professional disciplines, technologies and experience, and achieve a win-win situation for schools and enterprises.

Since the 14th five year plan, innovative science and technology has become an important part of our national development. In the new era, higher requirements have been put forward for "scientific and technological innovation". As a strategic emerging industry, the optoelectronic industry plays an important role in seizing the development opportunity. In the future, Xunte communications will also take the initiative to carry out more exploration in the optoelectronic industry, so as to solve technical problems, realize technological innovation and promote the development of Jiangxi optoelectronic industry.