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Good news! Xunte communication participated in the national key R & D plan of the 14th five year plan and was approved

Date: 2022-08-11Number: 2272

Recently, the project of "high efficiency silicon-based optical waveguide amplifier and laser for scale integration" of "Information Photonics Technology" in the national key research and development plan of the 14th five year plan has been approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China.

This project is initiated by Zhejiang University, and Jiangxi Xunte Communication Technology Co., Ltd., as a participating unit, cooperates with many scientific research units and enterprises to conduct scientific research and exploration. The project is strongly supported by seven national research institutions, including the State Key Laboratory of information functional materials, the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Optoelectronics, and the National Institute of intelligent computing. It has gathered a top scientific research innovation and industrialization team in the field of silicon-based optoelectronics.

Silicon photonics technology combines cutting-edge optoelectronic design and mature microelectronic manufacturing, and provides chip solutions with high bandwidth and low power consumption for communication, sensing, computing and other information technology applications. At present, one of the key technical challenges faced by silicon optical chips is the heterogeneous integration of active / passive devices. This project aims to realize the heterogeneous integration of silicon-based active / passive integrated chips. It will carry out research on a series of key technologies, such as silicon-based direct growth quantum dot lasers, silicon-based / glass based rare earth doped optical amplifiers, laser direct write photonic lead waveguides and couplers, silicon-based bonded DFB lasers and optical amplifiers, and fully realize the localization of device design, material synthesis, chip technology, module packaging, and system verification. It will be 6G Cloud computing, big data, intelligent network and other information and communication applications have opened up new underlying technology routes and contributed to China's independent control in the field of core chips.

Xunte communication will cooperate with its project partners to make breakthroughs in the key technologies of silicon-based Heterogeneous Integrated Information photonic chips. With a fuller attitude, it will explore and innovate on the basis of innovative R & D and independent manufacturing. With the original intention of "creating a good product for the motherland", it will contribute to the development of Jiangxi optical communication industry and realize the enterprise vision of becoming a global leading optical interconnection solution supplier as soon as possible!