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Contribute to the strength of the enterprise! Xunte communication helps the opening of Nanchang 27th middle school sports meeting

Date: 2020-10-25Number: 1304

On October 25, the track and field sports meeting of Nanchang No. 27 Middle School Education Group officially started. As a representative of enterprises concerned about the development of the school, sun Ding, general manager of Xunte communications, was invited to attend the opening ceremony and donated money to help the school sports meeting.

Accompanied by the surging songs, the squares of all classes in Junior High School entered the arena one by one. Under the careful preparation, the energetic and energetic students showed the spirit of striving for progress and daring to challenge.

As a high-tech enterprise deeply rooted in Jiangxi Province, Xunte communication has always actively undertaken the social responsibility of the enterprise and exerted its strength. As the only enterprise representative at the opening ceremony of the school sports meeting, Mr. Sun also expressed support to the school on behalf of the company, hoping that with the support of the enterprise, the school sports meeting can be better carried out and a better healthy sports environment can be provided for children.