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New exhibition, new start | Xunte communication successfully appeared in 2020 CIOE!

Date: 2022-08-11Number: 1503

From September 9 to 11, the 22nd China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE), the largest, most influential and authoritative in China, was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition covered the whole industrial chain of optoelectronic field, and gathered more than 3000 optoelectronic enterprises around the world with innovative technologies and latest products.

As a leading optical module solution supplier in China, this year, with the theme of "new exhibition, new voyage", Xunte communication successfully exhibited its first series of new products in 2020 CIOE. Xunte communication's highly competitive market-oriented 5g pre transmission and data center solutions have attracted the attention of many industry customers and peers to visit and exchange consultation, and the atmosphere on the site is warm.

  • New products gathered together

This exhibition mainly focuses on 5g pre transmission solutions and data center solutions. The company has laid out the most complete 25g optical module product series in the industry in advance on 5g products. The products range from short-range to long-range, double fiber to single fiber, wavelength from o-band to C-band, working range from commercial and industrial grade, and channel spacing covers CWDM, mwdm, lwdm and DWDM. During the exhibition, the company showed the 25g mwdm optical module with OAM function to the outside world. On the original 25g main service optical path, a small modulation amplitude square wave signal was superimposed to realize the query and configuration of the office end optical module to the remote optical module; At the same time, it supports the reflection function of the top adjustment signal to improve the maintenance and management of the remote optical module. The indicators meet the requirements of customer specifications and fully demonstrate the product performance advantages.

In addition to the 5g front-end related products, the company also has complete data center solutions. Since 2015, the company has started the research and development of 100g optical modules, laid out the data center market in advance, and then launched a full range of data center optical module products. The products cover AOC, 100g, 200g and 400g series, providing customers with high-quality products and solutions. During the exhibition, the 200g / 400g series products were displayed. All of the products used pam4 modulation mode, with power consumption less than the protocol standard. The fiber transmission test performance was good, meeting the construction needs of the "new infrastructure" large data center. Once launched, they were recognized and applied by important customers in the industry.

  • Seize opportunities and empower the future

During the exhibition, Zheng Bo, chairman of Xunte communications, was interviewed by the media of the sponsor of CIOE China Optical Expo, introducing the company's product distribution and future market planning. In this exhibition, Xunte communication mainly focuses on 5g forward transmission solutions and data center solutions.

Zheng Bo, chairman of the board, said that Xunte communication is a global optical module solution supplier based on the Chinese market. The company can stand out in the 5g trend and walk in the front of the industry, mainly because of its forward-looking market layout and accurate grasp of various customer needs. The company took the lead in launching the 25g CWDM 6 / 12 wave scheme, actively responded to the innovative schemes put forward by China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom in mwdm \ lwdm, and realized the commercial application of products at the fastest speed. In terms of 5g forward transmission, Xunte communication developed rapidly and won the unanimous recognition from customers to the industry. With the growth of network traffic and cloud services, the data center market will continue to develop rapidly in the future. With the advent of the 5g era, the demand will rise further. Xunte communications has also completed a long-term product layout for the data center market products.

Regarding the future development of the optical communication industry, Zheng Bo, chairman of the board of directors, believes that the epidemic has brought unstable effects to the industry and has also brought certain stimulative effects. Behind the explosive growth of Internet traffic is the new requirements for basic bandwidth bearing technology. The new infrastructure policy deployment launched by the state according to the time will have an obvious pulling effect on the development of China's optical communication, which is represented by 5g and big data center. It is of great significance to promote the innovation of optical communication technology and the improvement of industrial chain, solve the bottleneck problem of optoelectronic technology, and enhance international competitiveness and influence. Therefore, for the optical communication industry, the future opportunities outweigh the challenges.

  • Help the new trend of 5g prequel development

At the same time, the 19th optical communication market and Technology Seminar (IFOC) held by Xunshi in the early stage of CIOE was also in full swing. Dr. Wei Zhijian, chief technology officer of Xunte communications, was invited to attend and gave a wonderful speech on the theme of "looking at the development trend of 5g pre transmission solutions from the perspective of market demand", which was widely recognized by the participants. At the meeting, Dr. Wei Zhijian introduced the latest situation of the company's optical module products, and explained the 5g front-end connection technology and 5g front-end series solutions from the perspective of 5g telecom network application scenarios and 5g optical communication network architecture. It is also suggested that the industrial chain should deeply explore o-band spectrum resources, explore o-band low-cost tunable lasers, explore low-cost domestic Tec alternatives, and explore lower cost optoelectronic hybrid integrated packaging. The scale deployment of 5g prequel to reshape the domestic industrial chain requires rapid deployment to the extreme, and upstream suppliers actively respond to support diversified demands and realize industrial cooperation and production research cooperation mode.

CIOE China Optical Expo has always been an industry event closely combining "exhibition" and "conference". At the China Telecom lwdm Technology Symposium held at the same time, Dr. Wei Zhijian, the chief technical officer of the company, made a special report again, explaining the wavelength division multiplexing scheme of the mainstream application in 5g forward link technology on the lan-wdm SFP 28 optical transceiver module launched by Xunte communications, And shared relevant top adjustment solutions, technical requirements and market prospects to the participants.

2020 CIOE came to an end in the convergence and wonderful collision of optoelectronic technology and achievements, presenting an unprecedented optoelectronic feast for the industry. As a new force rising in the optical communication industry, Xunte communication won a lot of attention when it participated in the exhibition for the first time, and the exhibition was a complete success. In the future, the company will continue to focus on 5g and big data centers, and strive to provide the industry with more high-quality, more complete and diversified optical module products and solutions, fully empower thousands of industries, and contribute to the development of China's optoelectronic industry.

2021, looking forward to meeting CIOE again!

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