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Xia Lei, deputy district chief of Nanshan District, and his party visited Xunte communication for investigation

Date: 2022-05-09Number: 1500
On the morning of May 7, Xia Lei, deputy district chief of Nanshan District, led a team to investigate and understand the production and operation situation and future development plan of Xunte, and coordinate the difficulties and problems encountered by our company in production and operation on the spot.

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Zheng Bo, chairman of Xunte communication, Zhang Wei, deputy general manager, Wei Zhijian, CTO, Xiong Zhiyan, CFO, etc. accompanied Xia Lei, deputy district chief, and his delegation to visit Xunte Communication Exhibition Hall, and introduced in detail the development history, product R & D direction and future strategic planning of Xunte communication.

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During the forum, chairman Zheng Bo said that as a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R & D, production and sales of optical communication products, Xunte communication independently developed and produced a full range of optical module products covering 155m to 400g. At present, the domestic leading optical module design, optoelectronic hybrid integrated packaging and silicon-based optoelectronic chip design platform have been built.

▲ Zheng Bo, chairman of Xunte Communications

Zheng Bo, chairman of the board, said that although the first quarter of this year was impacted by the epidemic, Xunte communications still maintained a rapid growth. At the same time, we further increased investment in R & D, expanded the Shenzhen R & D center, and continued to enhance the packaging capacity of high-speed devices. At the same time, under the strategic guidance of the district government, it will give full play to its industrial advantages, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and strive to build a silicon-based optoelectronic platform, providing 5g telecom networks, large / ultra large data centers and the next generation ultra wideband access full range of optical modules.

Xia Lei, deputy district chief, said that Xunte communications is market-oriented and takes industrial innovation ability and integration of industry, University and research as the company's development focus, which highly meets the needs of industrial development in Nanshan District. In the future, Nanshan District will vigorously promote the supply chain optimization cooperation between large backbone enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises in its jurisdiction, and effectively help enterprises to achieve upstream and downstream docking, industrial transformation and upgrading, and cluster development. On this basis, enterprises should plan the future development direction under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, steadily expand the market and improve competitiveness.

▲ Xia Lei, deputy district chief of Nanshan District

The leaders of the accompanying District answered the problems raised by Xunte in its operation and production one by one. At the same time, they publicized and implemented the innovation support policies for specialized, special and new enterprises to be introduced in Nanshan District, injecting strong "political" energy into the development of Xunte!

In recent years, with the strong support of the district Party committee and the district government, Xunte communications has maintained rapid development and has made a figure in the industry. In the future, Xunte will continue to base itself on Nanshan, face the world, actively cooperate with local universities such as Southern University of science and technology and Shenzhen University, strengthen industry university research cooperation, promote the development of optical communication industry in Nanshan District and even Shenzhen City, and aspire to become a global leading optoelectronic enterprise!