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Nanchang TV station and other media visited and interviewed Xunte communication

Date: 2019-12-26Number: 1275

On November 27, Nanchang TV station, Nanchang daily, Nanchang news network, Netease, Jiangnan Metropolis Daily and other media came to Xunte communication to conduct special interviews on the rapid development of high-tech enterprises in Nanchang high tech Zone.

Interview with Nanchang radio and television station

Since the issuance of 5g license by the Ministry of industry and information technology in June this year, "5g" has become one of the focuses of attention. As an industrial enterprise closely related to 5g construction, the reporters came to our company. Sun Ding, general manager of the company, was interviewed by the reporters. Subsequently, the reporters also visited the production workshop and had a close look at the production process and process automation of the optical module.


General manager Sun interviewed by Nanchang radio and television station




"Innovation is the first driving force for high-quality development". As the first year of 5g development, 2019 has always been one of the company's development goals to occupy the technological highland. Since its establishment, Xunte communication has independently developed and produced 155m to 100g full series optical module products. The market covers more than 20 provinces across the country, and has developed into the most complete supplier of optical module products facing the 5g market in the industry. At present, the company is developing towards the packaging design of 200g products, the pre research of 800g products, and the modules required to serve the high-speed application scenarios of 5g in the future.


This year, Nanchang City proposed to combine the national 5g scale networking construction and application demonstration and the national "03 special" pilot demonstration, aim at the four leading, and strengthen the R & D, demonstration, application and promotion of products and services. It is believed that with the support of government policies, it will also bring greater development impetus to Nanchang 5g related enterprises such as Xunte communications.