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Xunte communication will bring a series of products to the 2019 OFC again

Date: 2019-02-17Number: 1571

The 44th American Optical Fiber Communication Expo and seminar (OFC) will be held at the San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center from March 5 to 7, 2019. As a grand event with the highest specification, the longest history, the strongest professionalism and the largest influence in the global optical communication industry, OFC has attracted enterprises and experts from all over the world, providing a broad platform for mutual learning and exchange for the optical communication industry.

As a professional supplier of optical modules in the fields of wireless, metropolitan area, access, transmission, data center, etc., in 2019, Xunte communication will appear again in OFC and will be held in the Santiago Convention and Exhibition Center,5229Booth. Show the industry the most comprehensive solutions for 5g applications and data center applications, and provide customers with high-quality, low-cost and low-power products and customized services. Customers and colleagues in the industry are sincerely invited to visit, exchange and guide.