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2021 optical Expo in advance | full range of products and solutions of Xunte communication 5g pre transmission

Date: 2021-08-11Number: 2042

Since 2019, under the encouragement of the new national infrastructure policy, 5g network construction has been accelerated, and the infrastructure of the information age has been started. Xunte communication actively participates in the formulation of 5g forward transmission scheme and 5g network planning and construction of operators. It arranges the most complete 25g optical module product series in the industry in advance, and provides operators with 25G bidi series, passive and semi-active solutions, covering CWDM / DWDM / lan-wdm / mwdm and other products, which can meet the needs of different customers around the world.

  • 25g bidi optical fiber direct drive scheme, with the lowest cost and simple use, can save half of the optical cable resources;
  • The passive wavelength division scheme has low cost, flexible installation, wide adaptability, and can save more than 80% of optical fiber resources. It is the main bearing method to solve the shortage of optical fiber in 5g forward transmission of Chinese operators;
  • The semi-active wavelength division scheme adds line protection. The 25g 12 wave mwdm and lwdm optical modules have the OAM top adjustment information reporting function, which greatly improves the manageability, but the cost increases. It can be used as a supplementary way for the business that needs to be guaranteed in the 5g forward transmission.

Seizing the market demand of 5g construction, Xunte communication has overtaken in the aspects of 5g optical module products and WDM solutions, and has become the first brand of optical modules and wireless front-end wave splitting solutions in the domestic operator market. Xunte communication will continue to invest in 5g innovation R & D and scenario application, strengthen cooperation with operators in 5g commercial and solution development, comprehensively help the transformation opportunities of 5g era, and help the leap forward of 5g era with innovation strength.

From September 16 to 18, 2021,

Welcome to 6a51 Xunte communication booth

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