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2021 optical Expo in advance | fast communication 400g high-speed optical module series product scheme

Date: 2021-08-11Number: 2711

Keep pace with the new national infrastructure

Under the wave of "new infrastructure", the construction of big data center has entered the fast lane of development. Ultra high capacity switching network is an important development direction of data center network in recent years. Due to the increasing demand for bandwidth in large-scale data centers, 400g optical communication modules have become the best choice to improve system performance and reduce bandwidth costs.

400g optical module products

Xunte communications is committed to providing high-quality optical interconnection solutions. Aiming at various subdivided interconnection scenarios in the data center, it grandly launched 400g qsfp-dd SR8 / 400g qsfp-dd FR4 and other optical module products:

  • 400g qsfp-dd SR8 optical module Xunte 400g qsfp-dd SR8 optical module is based on 8-way multimode 50Gbps channels modulated by pam4. It adopts low-cost VCSEL laser and standard mpo-16 APC optical interface. The transmission distance can reach 70m (OM3) or 100m (OM4). The signal integrity after simulation and optimization greatly improves the FEC margin under different environments; Through the excellent thermal design scheme, the overall power consumption of the module is within 9.5W under the full temperature range of 0 ~ 70 ℃; It is a cost-effective solution and the best choice for short-distance interconnection within the data center at present. Xunte also has solutions in the supercomputing application field;
  • 400g qsfp-dd FR4 optical module Xunte 400g qsfp-dd FR4 optical module adopts EML lasers with four CWDM wavelengths, achieves a single wave rate of 106.25gbps based on pam4 modulation, and reaches a single fiber transmission rate of 425gbps through optical MUX devices. This product is based on the micro optical packaging platform independently developed by the enterprise. It has the significant advantages of low power consumption, excellent RF performance and good heat dissipation performance. It meets the commercial application environment and is suitable for the future 400g Ethernet, data center and cloud computing markets.

High end market positioning and high-quality product concept

In the data center field, Xunte communication continues to expand and enrich its existing product lines, adhere to the high-end market positioning and high-quality product concept, strive to improve its competitiveness in the data center field, go all out to meet customer needs, and continue to provide the next generation communication network with the technology and product solutions with the strongest performance, the best quality and the best cost.

Xunte strives to become the world's leading optical interconnection solution provider!

From September 16 to 18, 2021,

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