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2021 optical Expo in advance | Xunte communication 5g medium return series product scheme

Date: 2021-08-11Number: 1937


With the continuous improvement of the global 5g network construction scale, the requirements for the bandwidth of the medium return and data bearing networks are increasing.

In order to meet the high bandwidth requirements of the telecommunication network, the optical module evolves to the higher speed 50g / 100g / 200g / 400g optical module products to meet the requirements of low delay and high reliability in the transmission and return scenarios of the 5g network.

Layout of the whole series of products of Xunte communication

As a professional provider of high-end optical module products and solutions, Xunte communications has been widely used in optical fiber communication systems such as telecom carrier networks, data centers, and wireless access networks. At present, a full range of products with different speeds such as 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 200g and 400g have been launched, and different optical module product solutions for different application scenarios can be provided.

  • 50g qsfp28 LR single and double fiber series products 50g series optical modules are packaged with qsfp28. The electrical interface of the module uses two 25gbps Naz signals to form a single 50Gbps optical signal through pam-4 coding. The device uses low-cost DML coaxial packaging, which can meet the transmission distance of 10km; Through the excellent thermal design scheme, the overall power consumption of the module is within 2.2W at the case temperature of 0 ~ 70 degrees; The module adopts the DSP built-in driver scheme. The module has excellent transmission performance and tdecq can be within 1.5dB:

  • The 100g qsfp28 Zr4 optical module product 100g qsfp28 Zr4 optical module mainly meets the needs of long-distance scenarios. The transmitting end uses four lanwdm wavelength EML lasers with cooling, and the receiving end uses pin SOA scheme, with the highest sensitivity of less than - 30dBm; The overall power consumption of the module is within 5.5W under the case temperature of 0 ~ 70 degrees; Meet the requirements of qsfp28 MSA and sff-8665 protocol; Meet gr-468 reliability requirements and ROHS requirements.

Xunte adheres to the high-end market positioning and high-quality product concept

Xunte communication adheres to the concept of "customer-oriented and striver oriented", and adheres to the spirit of "pioneering innovation and wolf enterprising", gathers talents from all over the world, constantly expands and enriches the existing product lines in the field of optical module and optical communication device R & D and manufacturing, adheres to the high-end market positioning and high-quality product concept, goes all out to meet customer needs, and strives to become the world's leading optical interconnection solution supplier!

From September 16 to 18, 2021,

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