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20221 optical Expo in advance | Xunte communication data center interconnection solution

Date: 2021-08-11Number: 1694


Introduction with the rise of cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet, the data center traffic is increasing day by day. In order to meet the interactive demand of large bandwidth traffic in the data center, operators and Internet enterprises are using optical transmission products to establish the data center Internet on a large scale, and using limited optical fiber resources to provide high-quality and ultra-high bandwidth connections for the data center.

Xunte strives to create multiple DCI optical transmission equipment

Xunte communication has created a number of DCI optical transmission equipment for data center interconnection to meet the application needs of data centers, government enterprise networks and other fields. It can be applied to the metropolitan convergence layer, access layer and data center interconnection, meet the transmission needs of multi services, large capacity, long distance and full transparency, and provide a stable and convenient platform for network upgrading and expansion.

1. Ngod-8000 series plug-in wave division equipment

Ngod-8000 series provides 2U, 3U and 5u wave division equipment, provides a variety of optical conversion cards, and a complete set of optical layer cards such as combining and splitting, optical amplification, optical protection, optical monitoring and dispersion compensation. All business cards can be used in the whole series of frames. The equipment has the characteristics of high compact structure, flexible configuration and low power consumption. It has a unified software platform, supports the humanized network management interface of B / S architecture, and is easy to maintain. It supports AC, DC and high-voltage DC power supply and is fully suitable for IDC machine room.

This series of equipment supports 10m-100g arbitrary rate service access, and the single wave rate on the line side can reach 400gbps. In the C-band, the transmission capacity of one pair of optical fibers can be increased to 19.2tbps, and it supports ultra long distance transmission.

2. Ngod-8000p series integrated wave division equipment

Ngod-8000p is a 1U integrated wavelength division equipment, which has the advantages of large capacity, small volume and easy operation and maintenance. It perfectly matches the installation conditions of the data center machine room and brings the ultimate user experience to the DCI bearing network.

This series of equipment supports 100Mbps ~ 100gbps various rate Ethernet services and various rate FC services. The line side supports single wave 10g / 100g rates, and the transmission capacity of one pair of optical fibers can reach 2.4tbps.

3. Ngod-8800 dci-box wavelength division equipment

The ngod-8800 dci-box wavelength division equipment is located at the interconnection of the data center rooms of operators and Internet enterprises, and can also be applied to the transmission application of local network / metropolitan area network convergence layer and access layer long-distance network. The height of the equipment is only 2U, which matches the installation conditions of the data center machine room. It can flexibly replace the business card, meet different business needs, and provide users with transmission solutions with different capacities, different transmission distances and intelligent business applications.

The customer side of the equipment supports 10GE / 40ge / 100ge and other services. The line side supports 200g / 400g cfp2 coherent optical modules, and the transmission capacity of one pair of optical fibers can reach 3.2tbps.

Xunte adheres to the high-end market positioning and high-quality product concept

Xunte communication continues to expand and enrich its existing product lines in the data center field, adhere to the high-end market positioning and high-quality product concept, strive to improve its competitiveness in the data center field, go all out to meet customer needs, continue to provide the next generation communication network with the technology and product solutions with the strongest performance, the best quality and the best cost, and strive to become the world's leading optical interconnection solution provider!

From September 16 to 18, 2021,

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