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Xunte communication brings data center and 5g forward series optical modules to CIOE 2020!

Date: 2020-08-11Number: 1828

From September 9 to 11, 2020, the 22nd China International Optoelectronic Expo will be held in Shenzhen. As an industry event with great scale and influence in the world, China Optical Expo will bring 200g qsfp56 LR4, 400g qsfp-dd FR4, 25g mwdm 12 wave 10km with OAM function and other products to the exhibition.

Address: China & middot; Shenzhen & middot; Hall 8, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an new hall)

Booth: booth 8a51

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  • 200G QSFP56 LR4
    The 200ge LR4 optical module based on pam4 technology adopts qsfp56 package. The internal structure includes: 4 * 56g pam4 DSP, four channel linear laser driver chip, four channel receiving CDR, four channel linear TIA, single channel 50ge emitting laser and receiving optical device. Sont's 200g qsfp56 LR4 optical transceiver module conforms to qsfp56 MSA and IEEE 802.3bs 200gbase-lr4. The data rate is up to 212gbps (pam4). It is hot pluggable and low-power qsfp56 package. It is widely used in 200gbase-lr4 Ethernet and 5g return. The transmission distance through single-mode optical fiber can reach more than 10km.

  • 400G QSFP-DD FR4
    The 400g qsfp-dd FR4 optical module launched by Xunte communication this time adopts four CWDM wavelength EML lasers, and achieves a single wave rate of 106.25gbps based on pam4 modulation, and reaches a single fiber transmission rate of 400g through optical MUX devices. This product is based on the micro optical packaging platform independently developed by Xunte. It has the significant advantages of high density, excellent RF performance and good heat dissipation performance. It is suitable for the future 400g Ethernet, data center and cloud computing markets.

  • 25g mwdm 12 wave 10km with OAM function
    The 25g mwdm 12 wave light module with top adjustment function has built-in Tec, which can meet industrial level scene applications. The product has accurate top signal rate setting and accurate top signal amplitude output. It has excellent OAM sensitivity and good consistency in the full temperature range of industrial grade. At the same time, the top adjustment rate and the top adjustment amplitude are optional. Under the setting of wide range of top adjustment signal rate and different top adjustment amplitude, the OAM top adjustment cost can well meet the standard of China Mobile within the full temperature range of industrial grade; It supports all OAM business layer functions in China Mobile specification, and can quickly feedback each OAM message. The product performance is leading the industry.

Xunte communications is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in providing high-end optical modules and 5g forward transmission solutions. The products are used in optical fiber communication systems such as telecommunication carrier networks, data centers, wireless access networks, etc. As early as 2017, Xunte communication began to participate in the formulation of 5g pre transmission scheme and network planning and construction of operators; In 2018, the company took the lead in releasing a full series of 25g color light modules for forward transmission; In 2019, Hubei Mobile achieved the first commercial scale of 5g network in China; In 2020, we will focus on launching 25g 12 wave lwdm and mwdm optical modules, both of which have passed the tests of China Telecom and China Mobile with excellent product performance.

The company has developed a full range of 25g 5g front-end optical module products, with product specifications ranging from short-range to long-range, dual fiber to single fiber, wavelength from o-band to C-band, working range from commercial to industrial level, and channel spacing covering CWDM, mwdm, lwdm and DWDM to meet the needs of different customers. The company has also taken the lead in the industry to develop a series of optical module products that meet the requirements of 5g front-end passive wavelength division system with visual top adjustment function, The first 5g forward commercial network based on semi-active was opened. Since the purchase order of the operator's 70 billion 5g base station was launched, Xunte communications has seized the opportunity of 5g construction, created the most complete 5g optical module product matrix in the industry, and rapidly grown into the largest optical module supplier of domestic operators. The products and solutions meet the application requirements of different scenarios in the world, and can provide high-quality 5g interconnection solutions for customers.

Xunte communication has successively won the titles of Guangdong silicon-based Optoelectronic Engineering Technology Research Center, the initiating member of international 800g pluggable MSA, the leading unit of key R & D projects of the Ministry of science and technology, the leading unit of technology research projects of Shenzhen Science and Technology Commission, Guangdong Province specialized, special and new enterprises, Jiangxi Province seed Unicorn enterprises, Jiangxi Province specialized, special and new enterprises, Jiangxi Province key enterprises in leading industries of industrial and financial cooperation Nanchang high speed optical module engineering technology research center, Nanchang high tech Zone top ten scientific and technological innovation enterprises and other awards.

R & D investment is the foundation of the company's long-term potential growth. Xunte communications adheres to high-intensity R & D investment, which has always exceeded 15% of sales revenue over the years. It has established a research and development team mainly with doctors and masters, and established industry university research cooperation relations with famous universities and scientific research institutes such as Peking University, Zhejiang University, Southern University of science and technology, Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is committed to making breakthroughs in key technologies of silicon-based optoelectronic chips, improving its competitiveness in the field of communication core chips, and providing the next generation of communication networks with the strongest performance, the best quality Cost optimal technology and product solutions.