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[Focus] the media entered into Xunte communication to explore the "reverse growth" under the enterprise epidemic

Date: 2021-05-08Number: 1497

Recently, the news column group of Jiangxi TV station successively came to Jiangxi Xunte communication to report on the resumption of work and production of the enterprise. Zheng Bo, chairman of Xunte communications, sun Ding, general manager of Xunte communications and Ying Yafei, general manager of Jiangxi Xunte communications, were interviewed by the column group, and introduced how enterprises can cope with the epidemic situation, turn the crisis into an opportunity, and realize development and take-off under the new situation and new opportunities.

  • Turn crisis into opportunity, and realize "reverse growth" of Xunte communication

This sudden epidemic, which lasted for the whole Spring Festival, brought many uncertain factors such as the delay of resumption of work and market fluctuations. With the effective progress of the anti epidemic work, the epidemic situation in Jiangxi continues to be stable and good, and the province's resumption of work and production is proceeding in an orderly and powerful manner. Although the epidemic has affected the development of various industries to varying degrees, the enterprise business of Xunte communications has shown a continuous "reverse growth" trend.

Recently, Jiangxi satellite TV's "social fax" program team came to the company's manufacturing workshop to visit the production, manufacturing and sales of optical modules. Zheng Bo, chairman of the board, accepted the interview of the reporter and introduced the opportunities and problems faced by the enterprise under the current epidemic situation.

As a communication industry enterprise committed to integrating the production, sales and research of optical modules, Xunte communications has started the layout of 5g optical modules as early as 2017. In 2019, it took the lead in completing the large-scale delivery of 5g optical modules in China, and established the leading position of 25g color optical modules in the same industry. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Xunte communications made rapid internal response and took measures to take the lead in the industry to return to work and production.

"Of course, the epidemic will also bring some problems to enterprises". During the interview, President Zheng mentioned that capital is the most important problem that affects the enterprises' current resumption of work and production. "The enterprises have expectations and the policies have responses". With the active support of the local government in a series of policies, such as providing preferential financing guarantee policies for the enterprises, the current capital pressure of the company has been effectively alleviated.

As a highlight of the "new infrastructure", the data center is not only an important infrastructure, but also a service system and basic support for the development of new industries. The large-scale construction process to be launched will inevitably bring about the large-scale application of high-speed optical modules. While ensuring the supply of existing orders, Mr. Zheng mentioned that the company has greatly strengthened the development of 200g and 400g high-speed optical module products in view of the new opportunities brought by new infrastructure such as 5g and big data center, so as to truly "grasp both" and realize the sustainable development strategy.

During the interview, general manager Ying also introduced the company's current production capacity and effective measures to improve production capacity. The early outbreak of 5g construction has brought about the early arrival of market demand. Facing the pressure of personnel, the human resources department of the company has actively contacted the relevant units of the government of the high tech Zone, solved the problem of personnel recruitment through the third-party human resources company, and the government has also given the enterprise corresponding subsidies and transportation subsidies in personnel recruitment; In order to further improve the efficiency of product production and testing, the company also increased the introduction of equipment automation to ease the operating pressure of personnel. According to the general introduction, the company's current production capacity has doubled compared with that in 2019.

  • Grasp the development opportunities of 5g new infrastructure and realize a new leap for enterprises

In March 2020, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee put forward the policy requirements for accelerating the construction of new infrastructure such as 5g network and data center. In the face of the impact of the epidemic that has not yet completely faded, the "new infrastructure" has become the vanguard of the resumption of work and production at this stage, and the construction process has been pressed the "acceleration key". The launch of the "new infrastructure" also has a relatively obvious pulling effect on the development of the entire industrial chain including optical modules, further promoting the arrival of a new round of development "spring" of the optical communication industry. Seizing the development opportunity of 5g new infrastructure, Xunte communications also ushered in a new leap in this construction, and became one of the enterprises that realized counter trend growth in the epidemic.

The news network program group of Jiangxi TV station went into Xunte communication to interview sun Ding, general manager of the company, and deeply understand the story behind the enterprise seizing the opportunity.

"We have very accurately grasped the current wave of national 5g new infrastructure construction, especially in the 5g field," Mr. Sun mentioned in his introduction to the reporter. Under the direction of new infrastructure construction, the construction of 5g by operators has become the largest carrier. In the future, nearly 600000 base stations will be built, and new high-speed optical modules will be applied on a large scale. With the advantages of self-developed diversified product series and deep understanding of customer needs, Xunte communication has started the layout of product market at the beginning of 5g construction.

When the market order comes up, how to meet the order demand and complete the delivery test? Mr. Sun told the reporter that the company had made relevant preparations in the strategic analysis and planning of the previous year. In view of the special impact of the epidemic, on the one hand, we are constantly adjusting the supply rhythm and accelerating the overall supply; On the other hand, the company has greatly improved the production efficiency by increasing the automatic mechanical equipment of the production line, providing an effective guarantee for the front-end sales and supply.

There are business opportunities in the crisis. How to find opportunities in the crisis, turn the crisis into opportunities, and minimize the impact of the epidemic is more important than the ability to seize opportunities. In the face of the pandemic, the test is not only the ability of operation and management, but also the ability to meet market delivery and customer needs. Opportunities are always left to those who are prepared. Behind the realization of "reverse growth" of Xunte communication, there is the grasp of opportunities at present, the accumulation of experience and technology in the past and the hard work of all Xunte people!