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XFP 10G Tunable DWDM 80km Transceiver
  • XFP 10G Tunable DWDM 80km Transceiver
XFP 10G Tunable DWDM 80km Transceiver

"The SONT tunable 10 Gb/s XFP transceiver is an integrated fiber optic transceiver that provides a highspeed serial link at signaling rates from 9.95 Gb/s to 11.35 Gb/s. The module complies with the 10 Gigabit small form factor pluggable (XFP) multisource agreement-MSA (INF-8077i) and Tunable XFP for ITU Frequency Grid Applications(SFF-8477). It complies with the ITU-T G.698.1 standard with 50 GHz channel spacing for SONET/SDH, IEEE DWDM 10GBASE-ZR for 80 km reach (Ethernet), and DWDM 10GFC for 80 km reach (Fiber Channel) applications. The transceiver integrates the receiver and transmit path on one module. On the transmit side, the 10 Gbps serial data stream is recovered, retimed, and passed to a modulator driver. The modulator driver biases and modulates a C-band-tunable integrated laser



● DWDM 10GBASE-ZR/ZW 10G Ethernet

● DWDM 80KM 10G Fiber Channel


● Supports 9.95Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s bit rates

● Monolithically integrated full C-band tunable transmitter

● 50 GHz ITU channel spacing with integrated wavelength locker

● C-band-tunable Laser and APD receiver

●  Maximum link length of 80km

● Full Duplex LC connector

●  Hot-pluggable XFP footprint

● Supports Line-side and XFI loopback

● No Reference Clock required

● Built-in digital diagnostic functions

● Standard bail release mechanism

● Power dissipation <3.5W

● Case temperature range:0&deg;C to 70&deg;C

● Distance:80Km

● Data Rate:10Gb/s

● Low End Case Temperature (&deg;C):0

● High End Case Temperature (&deg;C):+70

● Diagnostics:Digital

● Transmitter:C-band-DWDM Tunable ILMZ

● Receiver:APD

● Voltage Supply:3.3

● Connector:LC

● Wavelength:DWDM Band

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