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Xunte communication mwdm top light module passed the test of China Mobile Research Institute

Date: 2020-08-11Number: 1167

As one of the main developers of China Mobile open WDM / mwdm technical specifications and standards, Xunte actively participated in and cooperated with the formulation of technical specifications and standards. Recently, in the system test organized by China Mobile Research Institute, the Xunte 25g mwdm top light module successfully passed all functional tests, and realized the intercommunication of different manufacturers for the first time in China. This achievement was also highly recognized by China Mobile Research Institute and the industry at the "5g bearer technology and industry seminar" on June 5.

Open WDM / mwdm technology includes two parts: semi active architecture and mwdm module with OAM function. Semi active architecture is passive at AAU side and flexible deployment; The Du side is active, and the service can be monitored, protected and managed; Based on the CWDM module, the mwdm module shifts the center wavelength to the left and right by 3.5Nm, which doubles the number of channels. In addition, the optical module also has the OAM function, so that each wave division can be checked, tracked and managed, meeting the link budget of the main scenarios of 5g forward transmission 10km. The semi-active wavelength division system can save more than 90% of the optical fiber resources and greatly reduce the capex cost.

The 25g mwdm 12 wave light module with top adjustment function of Xunte communication has built-in Tec to meet industrial level scene applications. The product has accurate top signal rate setting and accurate top signal amplitude output. It has excellent OAM sensitivity and good consistency in the full temperature range of industrial grade. At the same time, the top adjustment rate and the top adjustment amplitude are optional. Under the setting of wide range of top adjustment signal rate and different top adjustment amplitude, the OAM top adjustment cost can well meet the standard of China Mobile within the full temperature range of industrial grade; It supports all OAM business layer functions in China Mobile specification, and can quickly feedback each OAM message. The product performance is leading the industry!

As a major innovation point in the mobile communication field, 5g is the leading field of China's "new infrastructure". At present, the construction of domestic 5g network is accelerating in an all-round way. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the number of 5g base stations built by the three major operators will exceed 600000.

With the help of 5g construction, Xunte communication always pays attention to the development trend of the industry, accurately judges the market direction, and makes product planning in advance. At present, it has developed the most complete 5g optical module and forward transmission solution in the industry. The products cover 5g forward transmission, intermediate transmission and return transmission networks, and provide customers with optical module solutions such as CWDM, mwdm, lwdm and DWDM.