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Join hands to light up the future | Xunte and Hubei Mobile jointly create a 5g pre transmission smart network

Date: 2021-08-11Number: 1869

Recently, the bid winning results of China Mobile Hubei company's 2020-2021 open wavelength division multiplexing equipment procurement project were officially announced, and Xunte communication won the largest share with the first place. Since 2017, Xunte communication has piloted the introduction of passive wavelength division 5g forward transmission scheme in Hubei Mobile. This is the third time that it has won the bid for the procurement project of wavelength division multiplexing equipment of Hubei Mobile with excellent results. This bid marks that Xunte communication wavelength division multiplexing equipment has officially entered the 3.0 era.

In 2020, under the encouragement of the new national infrastructure policy, the construction of 5g network will be accelerated, and the number of 5g base stations of Hubei Mobile will reach more than 20000. In the initial stage, the 5g forward transmission solution mainly focuses on passive wavelength division, but some important businesses need high reliability and visual management, while the semi-active equipment applied to the 5g forward transmission has service protection and performance monitoring. Therefore, Hubei Mobile prospectively put forward the demand for semi-active equipment in this bidding.

The semi-active CWDM equipment of Xunte communication can provide the line protection mechanism and channel performance monitoring function, and use the dual route optical cable to protect the forward transmission service. At the same time, the network configuration, fault diagnosis, performance management and alarm management of the service are carried out through the network management function of the semi-active equipment.

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of 5g independent networking and dual band network construction in the future, the bidding adds 25g mwdm 12 wave model, which marks the official commercial use of the third generation WDM equipment of Xunte communication. The 25g mwdm solution of Xunte communications can realize that a single fiber can carry 6 channels of 5g services, double the capacity, save more than 90% of the optical fiber, and effectively support the construction demand of multi band common stations. The mwdm optical module has OAM function, realizes line control at low cost, meets the link budget of 5g forward transmission 10km main scenarios, and can be upgraded to semi-active system without replacing the optical module. At the same time, the semi-active equipment with OAM function also supports the query, tracking and visual management functions of each channel.

5g technology brings convenient life and enables thousands of industries. Xunte communication and Hubei Mobile have cooperated closely for three years, and will continue to cooperate in depth in the future. With accurate network planning and network construction, we will work together with Hubei Mobile to create a 5g pre transmission smart network and develop a better future.