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Heavy! Xunte 5g forward WDM solution won the award of "the most competitive product of optical communication"

Date: 2020-08-11Number: 1863

On January 21, the "Xunshi 2020 heroes list" was officially announced, and the "5g pre transmission WDM solution" of Xunshi communication won the award of "the most competitive product of optical communication" in the "Xunshi heroes list".

Xunte 5g prequel WDM solution, with its rich product solutions, strong market share and excellent product performance, has stood out in the fierce competition and finally won the award of "the most competitive product of optical communication" in Xunshi hero list. Xunte 5g forward WDM solutions include xwdm optical module series, passive and semi-active solutions, covering CWDM / DWDM / lan-wdm / mwdm and other products, which can meet the needs of different customers around the world.

In 2020, the first year of 5g construction, the cumulative shipment of CWDM passive Wavelength Division products of Xunte communications exceeded 1 million, and the cumulative shipment of semi-active products was more than 5000 sets. In addition, the first 5g forward transmission commercial network based on semi-active technology has been opened jointly with Zhejiang Mobile to meet the needs of Zhejiang Mobile for the monitoring, protection and management of the business of 5g forward transmission network. The successful opening of this project will provide a strong guarantee for the subsequent 5g network construction of Zhejiang Mobile. In December, in the open-wdm / mwdm system management and control system and interface test of China Mobile based on NETCONF standardization protocol, the semi-active product series of Xunte communication took the lead in passing all laboratory tests and field tests.

With the perseverance and perseverance of "grinding a sword in ten years", Xunte communications adheres to the R & D investment of no less than 10% of the revenue every year, strengthens the construction of the R & D system, actively introduces high-end talents and cultivates excellent industry talents. Through perfect R & D process management, promote technology and product upgrading, lay the foundation for the introduction of high-performance, low-cost and high-speed optical module products, and strive to create a more efficient optical communication network for customers.

Facing the future, Xunte communication will continue to work hard in the 5g field, rely on its strong R & D strength, develop and innovate in the data center field, further expand the connection boundary, help operators upgrade their infrastructure, expand new businesses, explore new modes, improve the competitiveness in the optical communication field, and become the world's leading optical interconnection solution provider!