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Xunte communication took the lead in passing the 5g forward 25gb / s lwdm scheme test of China Telecom

Date: 2021-08-11Number: 1459

In the 5g pre transmission 25gb / s lwdm CCSA industry standard project jointly led by China Telecom and China information and Communication Research Institute, as one of the main developers, Xunte communication actively participated in and cooperated with the formulation of technical specifications and standards.

Recently, in the first lwdm scheme test organized by China Telecom, the 25g 12 wave lwdm optical module and lwdm combiner / demultiplexer products of Xunte communication passed various index tests with excellent product performance under various extreme conditions such as high and low limit temperature, - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ temperature cycle, 85 ℃ and 85% humidity storage and - 40 ℃ storage, and were highly recognized by China Telecom Research Institute.

C-ran has become the mainstream construction mode of 5g forward transmission network. Since c-ran needs to consume a large amount of optical fiber resources, the forward transmission scheme based on WDM technology has become a consensus in the industry. Faced with the demand for China Telecom and China Unicom 5g to jointly share the 200MHz carrier frequency, the standard 5g macro station will be upgraded from S111 station type to S222 station type, and the forward transmission demand will be upgraded from 3-channel 25g to 6-channel 25g. At this time, the demand for 5g forward 12 wave lwdm came into being.

The lwdm for 5g forward transmission is a WDM technology between CWDM and DWDM. The channel spacing is 800ghz, and it supports 12 channels. The central wavelength is near the zero dispersion point of o-band (1269.23nm ~ 1318.35nm). By using the existing 100g and 400g optical chip industry chain, the 25g 12 wave lwdm color optical module can be rapidly expanded by adding only four wavelengths.

The 25g 12 wave lwdm optical module of Xunte communication cooperates with Tec to support industrial application scenarios, and the optical module is in the optimal working range for a long time, with little impact on the laser, ensuring the long-term reliability of the module. At the same time, the center wavelength of the lwdm module is concentrated near the zero dispersion point, and the transmission cost is small, about less than 1dB. The maximum transmission distance of the low-cost DML pin scheme can support 40km. Because the overall transmission performance is excellent and the link budget is sufficient, it is ready for the smooth upgrade from passive wavelength division to semi-active in the future.

With the acceleration of 5g "new infrastructure", Xunte communications will fully assist operators in 5g network planning, continue to increase R & D investment, establish a high-end R & D talent team, and improve product technology; Cooperate with upstream and downstream industrial chains to jointly promote the development of industrial chains, fully support the economic, efficient and large-scale deployment of 5g "new infrastructure", and provide diversified, low-cost and high-quality solutions for 5g network construction.