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The 5g front transmission semi-active equipment of Xunte communication is opened for the first time in the current network

Date: 2021-08-11Number: 1597

Recently, Xunte communications and Zhejiang Mobile jointly launched the first 5g forward commercial network based on semi-active technology. The successful opening of the project will meet the needs of Zhejiang Mobile for the monitoring, protection and management of the business of 5g forward transmission network, and provide a strong guarantee for the subsequent 5g network construction of operators.

It is understood that the 5g forward transmission network of Zhejiang Mobile has used CWDM passive wavelength division in large quantities, but the passive wavelength division lacks protection mechanism and control means, and cannot meet the key support and monitoring needs of some stations. In order to realize smooth upgrading on the basis of passive wavelength division network, Zhejiang Mobile has explored a 5g forward transmission solution based on semi-active. At present, some regional computer rooms in Hangzhou, the provincial capital, have taken the lead in deploying the active wavelength division equipment of Xunte communications, realizing the first opening of the 5g forward transmission semi-active bearing scheme, and the company's semi-active system has also begun to be applied in batches in the market.

The semi-active wavelength division system retains the flexible characteristics of passive wavelength division at the remote end. Through low-cost deployment, the wavelength division equipment at the office end can be activated, which can provide OAM management and line side protection for the forward transmission network at a low cost. It is an effective transmission mode for the services that need to be guaranteed in the 5g forward transmission. The components include AAU color optical module, AAU side passive wavelength division multiplexer and Du side active WDM equipment, forming a unified control of the forward transmission network, which is not only conducive to the division of the management domain of the maintenance interface by wireless and transmission, but also conducive to the decoupling of equipment and optical module.

Xunte communication semi-active office end equipment has a complete range of specifications, provides 3-17 service slots, supports CWDM / lwdm / mwdm composite / demultiplexing single board mixed insertion, supports OAM function, and visualizes the whole link. The line side occupies 1-core (unprotected) / 2-core (1-1 line protection) optical fiber, and provides 6-in-1, 12-in-1 and 18-in-1 multiplexing ratios to carry 3 / 6 / 9 channels of CPRI services, and 6-in-1 and 12-in-1 multiplexing ratios to carry 3 / 6 channels of CPRI option 10 and ecpri services.

The control system of semi-active CWDM system follows the principle of centralized and integrated deployment, supports the performance management of the whole system, equipment configuration management, expansion management, protection control, longitude and latitude, map location, fault management and other functions, and supports OMC manual input and mobile phone app scanning input.

Facing the future, Xunte communication will fully launch the industry-leading 5g pre transmission solution, give full play to the company's role as an enabler in the construction of new infrastructure network, and help the industry "new infrastructure". The new era has come, and the rolling tide of 5g commerce is irresistible. Xunte communication will give full play to its own advantages and go all out to help 5g development.